April 01, 2024

4 Easy Tips To Avoid Homework Struggles

Instead of having to bribe, threaten or yell to get homework done, these tips will make homework feel so much easier!

Sometimes it can take an hour to do one piece of homework that should only take 10 minutes! AND by the time you finally finish, you may feel like a horrible parent for threatening, yelling, and losing your mind.

Any parent with school kids knows that getting a kid to do homework is no walk in the park. Especially when the weather is nice out and spring fever is everywhere.

When intense emotions, sensory differences, or anxious feelings are added into the mix, it’s more like trudging through a sea of mud with iron boots and 5 children on your back.

While there isn’t a magic option to make it perfect, homework struggles can decrease drastically by implementing a few simple strategies.

1. Turn Homework into a Game!

The Egg Timer Game offers your child an incentive for dedicating a certain amount of time to doing homework.

Start by agreeing some goals with your child and then assign a specific reward for when each time period is complete.

For example, you might agree that if your child works uninterrupted for 20 minutes (use a stopwatch or egg timer for added fun) they’ll get 20 minutes of play time – playing their favorite computer game or riding their scooter.

Just make sure that your child understands the bigger picture when it comes to playing the game. You want to them to associate their homework with getting better grades, rather than just receiving treats.

The Playing Teacher Game

They say if you want to learn something, go teach it. The Playing Teacher Game involves a little role reversal and lets your child step into the role of educator. This game works particularly well with subjects that require theory, like Science, for example.

Have your child explain a concept to you as a teacher. Get them to stand up at the front of the class and fully take on the role.

By having them teach you, their understanding of the concept will improve as they begin to fully appreciate the logic and reasoning behind the idea.

2. Do a Little Movement Before

School is long and takes a lot out of many kids.

Being able to come home and have a little time to recharge can be so great for kids.

Maybe switch homework time from after school to early morning. Or decide to do it after dinner.

Be flexible and allow your child to help you think of a solution that works for everyone.  Activities like these that help children stay calm and focus are great for getting the body and brain recharged to be able to think again.

3. Provide a Suitable Learning Environment

A quiet room without distractions makes for a good homework space!

How encouraged would you feel to study if your space was a cluttered kitchen table? One way to encourage your children to do homework is to make sure that they have an inspiring place to do it. If your home has a study or office, let them use the room for ‘homework time’.

In order to create a stimulating study environment, your child needs a well-lit room that’s quiet, comfortable and free from distractions. Remove any tablets, phones, or other gadgets so that they can fully commit their time to studying.

It’s equally important that your child has all the resources that they’ll need. Make sure they have paper, pens, a calculator and other stationary and have a laptop on hand that they can use for research if needed.

4. Have a Homework Routine in Place

One of the best ways to encourage children to do their homework is to have a study routine. If your child follows the same routine every night, they’ll be more likely to do their homework without protest.

An effective homework routine could look like this:

  • Homework begins at 7 pm, after dinner
  • It’s completed in a quiet room with no distractions
  • If they get stuck on something, they move on to the next tasks and come back to it at the end.
  • Nothing else gets done until the homework is completed

We hope these tips ease the daily homework battles!


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