October 31, 2023

Autumn Sensory Activities

Easy ways to get your child's sensory needs filled during the fall

Rake Leaves

Raking leaves is a terrific way to get in some heavy muscle work while having fun.

Play Hide and Seek

Use that pile of leaves you just made to hide objects. Take everyday household items and stash them in the pile. Your child will have a ball trying to find them in the mix. If your kids are older, make the game a little harder by having them find the objects with their eyes closed.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Let your little ones explore the world outside. They’ll have fun searching for small items to pick up while working on their grip strength.

Fall Sensory Bin

Create a Fall Sensory Bin filled with leaves, acorns and apples are the perfect way to explore and learn about textures, sounds, smells and sights all while practicing their fine motor skills!

Jump into Leaves

Nature provides us with our own “ball pit” so let’s take advantage! Jump into a pile of leaves! Throw them up in the air and let the sensation of the leaves envelope your child

Activities by the: mommyevolution


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