November 02, 2023

Learning Issues?

Written by: Victoria Safdieh

Children with learning disabilities like dyslexia, an auditory processing disorder (APD), struggle with schoolwork regardless of their intellectual abilities. They require specialized learning strategies to meet their potential and to avoid self-esteem problems and behavioral difficulties. Parents of learning-challenged kids need to be persistent. This includes working with the child at home, as well as with teachers and schools, to ensure they get all the help they need. They may want to remove the child from a mainstream school and put him in a school that specializes in this area. Children with behavior issues may not respond to traditional discipline. A diagnosis of ADHD, dysfunction of sensory integration, autism, or Tourette syndrome require specialized strategies that are tailored to their specific needs. Behavior issues can increase the risk of problems at school. The parents need to be flexible, creative, and patient. Children’s medical issues can include, but are not limited to, serious conditions like heart defects, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis, and other genetic diagnoses. A child may need frequent medical testing, hospital stays, equipment, and accommodations for disabilities. Establishing a good support system is very important when dealing with the uncertainty of any medical crisis. People will share what they feel is helpful. They will want to try and fix your child’s challenges for you. They may also share their absurd ideas. Take these ideas with a grain of salt, pondering the advice you think might prove useful. Although every child’s special needs are different, and every family is unique, there are some common concerns that link parents. These include getting appropriate care and promoting acceptance in the extended family, school, and community. For some, planning for an uncertain future may be necessary. Parents might also find themselves adjusting routines and expectations. Sometimes, quite often out of necessity, parents of children with special needs may be more flexible, compassionate, stubborn, and resilient than other parents. While it may not be something parents had hoped for or expected, it is important for the child that the parents do their best. As parents, you will learn more about yourselves, once you take ownership of the process of dealing with the diagnosis. It is going to be quite a ride, but take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. So, feel comfortable reaching out for support and as crazy as it sounds now, one day you might want to share your failures and successes to help others.


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CARE Goes Above and Beyond

Words cannot express how grateful I am for CARE. Their unwavering support and compassionate care has been a lifeline for our family. Knowing we have a dedicated team of professionals who truly care about my child's well-being brings me immense peace of mind. Thank you, CARE, for being a beacon of hope and a source of strength for our family.