Our Story

This is the heart of CARE for Special Children:

Passion-fueled services. Person-first care.

Our Story

It’s not easy to be little in a big world.

It’s even harder when blessed with differences that make your child a little different.



It can be difficult when you’re a parent trying to navigate the world for your child. Meyer and Victoria Safdieh know this well, having been blessed with children that had their own unique challenges and needs. Understanding and navigating government forms and programs was hard, and parenting itself was a long and lonely process.

The years of searching for answers, juggling the needs of their special children, along with the rest of the family, and feeling first hand the impact children with special needs have on parents and their family at large, led to the desire to create an organization that would address all of these complex needs.



Meyer and Victoria, with activist Michael Wahba, founded CARE for Special Children in 2013 so no family should ever feel alone. CARE rose as a safe haven a place of compassion, encouragement, and guidance, and a source of frequent events that shows others they are part of a community. Raising children with special needs is hard, and CARE is a loving center for parents, siblings, and your special child.

Because we understand it takes a village. We want to be that village for you.


500+ families in the CARE family network.

From referrals for children with special needs to little acts of care, we are CARE:

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Combining compassion with advocacy, bridging love with services and providing hope and support to children with special needs and their families.

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We asked people
what CARE means to them:

“Takes a load off my shoulders."

“Their advice and experience gives me confidence.”

“The first place I go to.”

“The staff are always so pleasant."

“They GET me.”

“Feels like my family.”

“My wife really looks forward to all the moms’ events,”

“Gives me this comforting feeling.”

"Does the homework for me. I trust them.”

“Never gets tired of me!”

Our hope is that you’ll feel this way too.

It’s simple, really.

We help build your child and family a beautiful life experience, so everyone shines.

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