December 04, 2023

Tips for Managing An Autistic Child at a Hanukkah Party

Make it a memorable party!

  • Upon arrival, identify a quiet space to take a break in case an emotional outburst or meltdown occurs. Children manage better once they are calmer.
  • Pack a treat or snack. If your child has a dietary restriction and the party is serving something that’s not available to them, they can enjoy their treat and not feel left out.

  • If your child uses an assistive communication device – share the tool with the host. This will help your child feel more comfortable communicating at the party.

  • Having a 1:1 for your child really helps things along by ensuring that your child won’t run or wander away and that any potential emotional outbursts are noticed early. Having that extra hand makes things easier and more pleasurable. Reach out to CARE if you would like us to arrange a dedicated volunteer to help out and care for your child at a party!

  • Call the host beforehand to get details. Ask for any schedule you can foreshadow with your child. If your child has a specific trigger – ask about it. If your child is sensitive to loud noises, ask if there are any balloon-popping games, loud music, etc. Then you can properly prepare and know what to bring.

  • Know that small steps are wins. If your child has a hard time with groups, attending for even a short time is a win. Celebrate it! Then maybe next party they will stay longer!

Chanukkah parties and holiday gatherings of all sorts can be great learning opportunities for autistic kids. They can observe social behaviors, hear social greetings and gain other social insights that will help them manage such occasions in future with less anxiety. 

Wishing you a beautiful and happy Hanukkah filled with joy and light!

Raising Arizona Kids, Inc. and Parenting Special Needs


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